The Solo Project: Paul McCartney & Wings, Venus And Mars.

Paul McCartney always kept it together better.

"Venus and Mars are alright tonight."

“Venus and Mars are alright tonight.”

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The Solo Project: Paul McCartney, Give My Regards To Broad Street

Oh yeah.  Here goes nothing.


“Paul McCartney is a dope.  Why?  Because he smokes much too much cannabis.  I reckon he and Linda sometimes get through as much as two ounces a day, that’s about £1000 a week.  Personally, I wish he’d just stop being so silly.”

-Denny Laine, 1984.


In January 1980, Paul McCartney spent nine days in Japanese prison for carrying just under half a pound of weed with him into customs.  The bust scuttled Wings’ first tour in three years and spurred guitarist Denny Laine to quit.  Without Laine, the only true member of the band other than Paul and Linda, Wings as an entity ceased to exist; McCartney II, initially planned as a solo “side project,” became Paul’s first true solo album in a decade upon its release in July 1980.  John Lennon’s death in December of that year drove McCartney into seclusion, and he emerged in April of 1982 with Tug Of War, a slick collection of varying merit, produced by old friend George Martin and boasting the enormous, ghastly hit “Ebony and Ivory.”  McCartney spun his wheels with Pipes Of Peace the following year, and by 1984 had prepared a more elaborate project.

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