A MacArthur Genius Grantland in Classicals

Yanni Live at the Acropolis

This will become clear at the end of the article.

2011 brought the world (or, at least, me) two sites that take on sportswriting in a unique enough way to make them a daily read: Bill Simmons’ pop-culture-heavy ESPN.com spinoff Grantland and the “post-punk sportswriting” of The Classical. While I may not love everything these sites put out there, there’s plenty about each that I do love. So, in honor of these two new additions to my daily work-procrastination reading, the beginning of the NBA season, and both sites’ mutual love of basketball, here are some pun-and-reference-laden potential headlines that might appear on either, neither, or both, one for each team in the Association.

(Disclaimer: I know that the @fakegrantland Twitter beat me to the punch on this, but I’d hope that a shared love of bad puns and poking fun might be enough to make them appreciate the homage. Also, if any of these jokes have appeared elsewhere, my apologies; they were probably really obvious bad puns. Anyhoo, take the jump!)

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Booth Review: FR watches the All-Star Game

(Fully Reconditioned gathered the troops for a live-diary of what became the worst MLB All-Star Game in recent history. We sure wish the game had been a lot more exciting, but we hope the resulting and frustrated banter is at least mildly amusing. Due to chatroom issues, the first handful of remarks lack a timestamp.  Also, all timestamps are Pacific.)

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Booth Review: Cincinnati Reds radio

From time to time, Fully Reconditioned will take a look at radio and television sportscasting.  The possibilities are endless.  This first installment reviews the radio team for the Cincinnati Reds.

The Cincinnati Reds employ three radio broadcasters, each of whom handles color and play-by-play, as well as a pair of regular substitutions.   Continue reading