Five For FRiday: One FRoment In Time

We are all sports.  And we remember.  Olympically.

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Of Bondage: The Theme Songs

Skyfall, the 23rd (official) installment of the James Bond franchise, looms but five months from multiplexes.  It will be lion-of-manhood Daniel Craig’s third appearance as Bond, this time opposite villain Javier Bardem, directed by Sam Mendes, the British talent whom, it appears, has finally decided to make a movie about his native England, as opposed to shallow eviscerating polemics about America.  One way or another, 007 obsessive Tyler has decided to take a look at varying aspects of the James Bond franchise, which leads to FR’s latest series, Of Bondage.  In this first installment, a listen to and observation of each (again, official) Bond theme song.

Damn. I like the way you die, girl.

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Five For FRiday: Commercial Appeal

Commercials.  An integral necessity of broadcast art, an incessant interruption throughout any sporting event of note.  In this era of economic lethargy, they’re even more a reminder that near none of us have the wherewithal to possess the consumer goods we desire–desires driven, of course, in immense part by those very ads.  But sometimes the medium transcends the meaning.  On occasion, we can’t help but be entertained, though we know we’re being sold.  On rarer occasion, we’re genuinely startled, be it to laughter or genuine emotion, or basic admiration for the stylistic talent on display.  It’s a tricky business, the business of advertising.  With that in mind, FR this week highlight those commercials that stuck in the craw.  Somewhere, on hiatus between seasons, Don Draper is taking notes.

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