Organized Sports Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions: Conference Finals Recap, Stanley Cup Finals Prediction

Potential Stanley Cup winning goaltender and handsome dude, Henrik Lundqvist

Potential Stanley Cup winning goaltender and handsome dude, Henrik Lundqvist

Organized Sports is a recurring sports column named for a seminal DC avant-hardcore song by the equally stupid and brilliant (to me, “equally stupid and brilliant” pretty much just means “brilliant”) band Void. Take from that what you will. 

Welcome, sports journalists and pundits who only pay attention to hockey once a year, then tout how the Stanley Cup Playoffs are the best sports has to offer. As you jump on the bandwagon, I happily jump off. But not before I make my prediction, after the jump.

Grading the Conference Finals – Eastern Conference

(3) Montreal Canadiens vs. (2) New York Rangers
Prediction: Canadiens in 7
Actual Result: Rangers in 6
Again the Rangers are involved in a series, and again I choose incorrectly. I feel I should get a bit of a mulligan on this one, though, since the series hinged greatly upon the Rangers’ purposeful injuring of the Canadiens’ starting goaltender, with all action occurring after that point tainted by that specific action which went unpunished both by the league and by the Canadiens players, because hey, New York. Fartnoise.
Grade: C-

Eastern Conference Grade: C-

Grading the Conference Finals – Western Conference

(3) Los Angeles Kings vs. (3) Chicago Blackhawks
Prediction: Kings in 7
Actual Result: Kings in 7
Once again, the Kings pulled out an overtime win, coming through at the very last minute to win. They’re the only team to win three game sevens on the way to the Stanley Cup Finals. The worst thing that can happen for the Rangers is that they win the first three games.
Grade: A

Western Conference Grade: A

Overall Average Grade: B-

Stanley Cup Finals Predictions

(2) New York Rangers vs. (3) Los Angeles Kings
I’ve bet against the Rangers every single round, and been wrong each time, but I’m not going to change my stance now. The Western Conference is better than the Eastern Conference, and it seems like the Kings can’t be beaten in an elimination game. Because they can’t make anything easy, though, either, I’m saying this one goes the distance.
Prediction: Kings in 7

The Kings stay the Kings.


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