Organized Sports NFL Picks – Thank You, Super Bowl!

Paul McCartney Super Bowl

Yes, he really said “Thank You, Super Bowl!”

Organized Sports is a recurring sports column named for a seminal DC avant-hardcore song by the equally stupid and brilliant (to me, “equally stupid and brilliant” pretty much just means “brilliant”) band Void. Take from that what you will. 

It all comes down to this. If it were the college national title game, this one would be for all the Tostitos, but since the Super Bowl is the premier spot for debuting high-budget ads for new cars and blockbuster films, this one’s for all the Fiat Abarths and Superman Reboots.

I really love the Super Bowl, particularly have over the past fifteen years or so, when the games moved from either the Cowboys or the 49ers blowing out some hopeless AFC team to a series of mostly close games decided in the final quarter if not the final minutes. Though the Rams won the Super Bowl in 2000 on the final play of the game with a defensive stop, and they are my team, that is not my favorite Super Bowl—that would have to be the perfect Patriots getting upset by the very imperfect Giants. But there have been many great games. Hopefully this is another.

On to the picks.

Last Week: 2-0

Playoffs So Far: 4-6

The Super Bowl (2/3 6PM)

Baltimore Ravens vs. San Francisco 49ers (-3.5)
The line started out higher, but as the money was coming in on the Ravens, the spread has lowered a point in the week or so since it was released. The Harbaugh Bowl, which I’m sure you’ve heard enough about, should be quite the game.

Full disclosure: I didn’t want either one of these teams to make the playoffs. I don’t dislike the Ravens, other than Ray Lewis and his false tears during the National Anthem public persona. I do very much dislike the 49ers as a Rams fan, and I find Jim Harbaugh to be, even though obviously a great coach, reminiscent of a spoiled child, as shown in his sideline tantrums when things don’t go his way.

Still, there are players on both teams I’d like to see get a ring. On the 49ers, Randy Moss has become a role-player, a solid third receiver. He had the chance at one point to be the greatest receiver ever, and remains the most physically talented receiver ever. If he gets a ring, despite all of his personal issues and attitude problems over the years, people will have to consider him only the second-best receiver of all time. The fact that that’s a disappointment shows how great he really was. I like Moss, always have, so if he were to get a ring, I’d happily say: Straight Cash, Homie.

On the other side, there are several likeable players. Ray Rice is a hell of a running back, and would put up even more stats with an offense more built around his style. Torrey Smith has been a great story this year, playing through the death of the brother he raised like a son. But the Raven I’d most like to see get a ring is Ed Reed, the real lynchpin of that vaunted Ravens D over the past six or seven years. Also, I like that he looks like a Black Panther from 1969.

Finally, if the 49ers were to win with a mobile quarterback, an African-American one no less, hopefully it would put to rest some of the stupidity in the media about how you have to have a tall white statue under center to win in THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE. Chances are, it won’t, though.

Who do I think will win? I think it’ll be the Niners, but I think it’ll be close, and much more of an offensive game than a game featuring two vaunted defenses should be, as the playoffs this year have shown quite a bit of scoring. So I’ll take the Ravens and the points, and the over since there’s no more games after this and i have to bet on something.
My Pick: Ravens (+3.5)
Bonus Pick: Over 47.5

When this game is over, that means a solid seven months of no football, and that is depressing. But at least Boston sports fans will be happy, since pitchers and catchers report soon.


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