Five For FRiday: Young Man’s FRancy

Spring has sprung and FR couldn’t be merrier.  Three-strong and back in action, your boys are here to highlight those seasonal blooms that lightly turn their thoughts to love.

Nathan: Girl Pop

This is the time of year when you want to start pulling out your girl pop albums. Camera Obscura, Cults, Best Coast, Lily Allen, Liz Phair, Veruca Salt, 10,000 Maniacs. Does Mazzy Star count? How about The Breeders? I can (and do) listen to these people year-round, but spring makes them sound fresher and sexier than they already are.

Tyler: Baseball


Travis: Rites of Spring

The seminal DC post-hardcore band is often cited as the first “emo” band, because of the emotionally naked lyrics of Guy Picciotto (later of Fugazi). There’s nothing Dashboard Confessional-esque about the music, though, a spazzy update of punk that feels like a new beginning every time you listen to it. Blow off the cobwebs of winter with this song.

Nathan: Swimming 

Lakes and oceans are probably too cold in early April for an extended dip, but that wouldn’t stop me from taking a short one. I live inland now, at least four hours from the ocean. I don’t like living this far from a major body of water. And, of course, this is when you start playing “Nightswimming.”

Tyler: Driving

Motoring around in an automobile is a pleasure rediscovered only in recent days by your boy T, as his current gig necessitates a rental car (along with, apparently, writing in the third person).  Cracking the windows as the weather warms, some sweet tunes pushing the MPH larger and larger, postponing a crank of the A/C since the real heat and humidity remain weeks away?  It’s like therapy–expensive; immaculate.


For intervals of several weeks, every annoying young person I wish would never show up at any bars I like journeys to Cancun, the Gulf Coast, and other destinations to be annoying far from me, and I couldn’t be happier. IT TAKES SKIN TO WIN!

Nathan: Stanley Cup Playoffs

For the past 20 years of my life, the Detroit Red Wings have held a spot in the annual playoff quest for Lord Stanley’s Cup. We’re going to make that 21 this year. They’ll probably get bumped out in round one or two, but that doesn’t matter because hockey playoffs are the best thing in all of sports.

Tyler: Girls in their summer [sic] clothes

I’m no salacious player, though such a mentality would no doubt make life easier than my irrevocable status as a hopeless romantic.  But I do like girls, I like the way they look, I especially like the ones who got a sense of style, and that style never dovetails so loverly with femininity than when the forecasts start to rise past sixty, and comely ladies sick of bundling-up (much like the rest of us) saunter out the house clad in the skirts or tops or dresses they’ve waited all winter to unleash.  It ain’t even lusty, for the most part.  It’s just…well.  Girls, girls, girls, girls.  Girls, I do adore.

Travis: Tanktop Weather

This one is self-explanatory.

Nathan: Scooter Time! 

Yes, I ride a scooter. I also own a car, so I’m not the complete idiot bundled up in 50 layers so I can ride my cool scooter in the dead middle of winter. Yet, when spring rolls around, you’ll see me on the west side of Asheville, a blur of red passing by your local business.

The negative? Bugs in my face.

Tyler: Van Morrison, Astral Weeks

The best album for spring (or autumn.)  Fin.

Travis: Playoffs!

While I do get excited for baseball’s opening day, that excitement tends to wear off a little bit when realizing we’re settling in for 161 more of these games, and I no longer get a summer vacation to go along with it. The real best sports aspect of spring is the double-headed behemoth that is the NBA and NHL playoff season. There’s nothing more intense than playoff hockey, and the NBA playoffs are when the superstars try their hardest and demonstrate that they are, in fact, the best and most creative athletes on the planet.

Nathan: Open Windows

Right now, at least, with temperatures in the low-70s, I can open my windows throughout the day and all of the night. I hate the sound of birds singing, but the best way to sleep is with a spring breeze blowing through your room.

Tyler: Thunderstorms

Winter’s solemn quiet has its appeal, at least for the first few weeks.  It doesn’t take long for me, though, to long for a drum-roll of thunder, a Kodak-flash of lightning, once their likelihood leaves the radar come November or so.  If I’m out working one of my many random jobs, longing for a couch or a bed, so I can enjoy the spectacle?  Spring storms are less than.

But if I’m reclined on said couch or bed, home and relaxed, sleep awaiting, as cacophony rolls in?  Bang biscuit; sweet dreams.

Travis: The First Grill

Nothing smells better than the smoke rising up from some meat on a grill, and spring brings the first time grilling of the year. No matter what it might be, from hot dogs and hamburgers to carefully cooked steaks, the first time standing around the grill with a beer in hand is one of the highlights of any spring and any year.

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